Organisation of the graduation ceremony

To ensure the safety and smooth running of the event, the graduates will be proclaimed outside, in the presence of their professors and deans in processions of up to 200 students, and in separate processions spread over several days. For the VUB, this means a total of 10 different processions with 1700 students, for the ULB, it is 18 processions with around 3000 students. In total, 4,700 students will receive their diplomas on the Grand-Place.

Date and time

The graduation ceremony of the Master in European Studies (MA-ETEU), the Specialised Master in European Law (MS-DREU), the Specialised Master in EU Interdisciplinary Studies (MS-EURC) and the Executive Master in European Union Studies (MEUS) will take place on Wednesday 30 September at 5:00 p.m.

Each graduate can bring up to two guests from his “bubble”. All participants will be required to wear a mask. On the Grand Place, the seats will be arranged in such a way that the rules of distance can be easily observed. The seats will also be disinfected after each ceremony. Finally, routes have been drawn to guide groups separately to and from the Grand Place. The ceremonies can also be followed on a large screen. There will be no reception this year.

Photo by Jonathan Ricci on Unsplash