This summer school was designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of EU immigration and asylum policies from a legal point of view. The courses are taught separately in French and English so that participants can follow the courses in one of these two languages according to their choice.

We have also created a refugee support scholarship system, the purpose of which is to provide about 10 refugees with the opportunity to attend our summer school. This initiative aims to provide a number of refugees with the opportunity to acquire knowledge of European immigration and asylum law. It aims to help refugees integrate into Europe, in particular by allowing them to engage with European academics and continue their studies, which may have been interrupted due to forced departure from their country of origin. Through a crowdfunding campaign, we hope to be able to finance, as we did last year, the participation of around ten participants with refugee or subsidiary protection status in Europe.

Finally, a doctoral seminar is also organised as part of the summer course. It offers a group of 15 doctoral students the opportunity to present their thesis project individually and to benefit from the critical opinion of a panel composed of members of the Odysseus Network as well as possibly a high-level practitioner participating in the summer course.


Pratical details

All information about the summer school can be found on our website dedicated to the summer course, in both French and English. The deadline for registration is May 15th, 2019,

You will find here the link to the crowdfunding campaign for refugee support grants:

And finally, here is the link to the doctoral seminar. The deadline for registration is April 19th, 2019: