« Les élections européennes, des élections pour rien ? »

Speaker:  Antoine Vauchez, Director for research of the CNRS at the Université Paris 1-Sorbonne.

Organiser: Ramona Coman (IEE-ULB)

Discussant: Pascal Delwit

Time: 18:00-19:30

Place: Salle Spaak, Institute for European Studies of the ULB

Langue de la conference: French

Participation is free upon registration (see the form below)

For more information on the conference series please contact the organiser,  professor Ramona Coman.

Conference series: The state and the future of the EU

The Institute for European Studies of the ULB and CEVIPOL, with the support of the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences, launched last December 4, 2017, a new series of seminars dealing with the state of the European integration and the future of the EU. By bringing together academics from a variety of disciplines with contrasting views on the current challenges of the integration process, this series of seminars seeks to shed light on the domestic situations in EU 28 (27) two years before the 2019 European elections and, on the other hand, to examine the political projects shaping the future of EU after Brexit.

Committed to its tradition, the IEE-ULB aims to create a space for substantive and pluralist discussions in English and in French with the academic and student community, experts and invited speakers from different EU Member States and with a variety of professional and academic backgrounds.

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