Mentoring programme

The closing meeting of our mentoring programme in 2021 will take place online on April 29th, from 6:00-8:00 p.m. The session will focus on the interviewing process (for internships and jobs) as well as on networking. More information on the meeting’s focus will be provided by Sabine Finzi and Silvija Akif, who will be the hosts of the session. 

A close relationship with our graduates is also of great importance to us at the Institute for European Studies. Our more senior graduates play an important role in the training of the future specialists of European integration. Our alumni network aims to be a source of information and contacts, especially for younger professionals just starting their careers

Promoting the exchange and sharing of ideas and resources between current and former students of the IEE-ULB is the goal of this project, that has the support of the Fonds d’encouragement en études européennes.

Our alumni network

Since 1964, around 7,500 students have become alumni of the IEE-ULB. They are a high-level professional network of former commissioners, ambassadors, politicians, researchers, entrepreneurs and professionals from the private sector.


Login info will be provided closer to the event