The Executive Master in European Union Studies addresses the real issues which European institutions are facing. To achieve a solid training that combines knowledge and savoir-faire, the programme brings together academics and professionals in European affairs. The goal is to offer a dynamic environment for acquiring new knowledge and competences while creating networking opportunities. 

The programme benefits from the longstanding expertise of the IEE-ULB, a centre of interdisciplinary excellence in teaching and research focussed on European issues.

Ramona Coman, President of the Institute for European Studies, explains:

“The complementarity between IEE-ULB and EURACTIV is particularly beneficial both from the point of view of the curriculum to support a well-balanced academic and skills-oriented approach that professionals need, but also to give more visibility to this programme in the circle of European experts from Brussels, as well as from other European capitals”.

EURACTIV has aimed to give a voice to all EU stakeholders, enabling them to be seen as an integral part of the EU policymaking process. In order to better understand EU advocacy and communications, EURACTIV also established a Knowledge programme already in 2011, now known as Yellow Academy.

“We want to expand EURACTIV’s activity in the educational segment, and this partnership with IEE-ULB is a new step in creating a sustainable training programme for the EU Affairs community” Dan Luca, Vice President Strategic Innovations of EURACTIV Media Network.

Additional information about MEUS can be found on our website. 



  • María Isabel SOLDEVILA, Communication Director IEE-ULB, for details on IEE-ULB academic programs.
  • Dan LUCA, for information on EURACTIV developments in the field of training and education.