Mario Telò is a Professor at LUISS  and the ULB, President emeritus of the IEE-ULB. He is a member of the Royal Academy of  Belgium. 

How do you interpret the recent nominations to the top European jobs? 

An aspect not often refered to since the European elections of May 2019 or after the nominations of the members of the new Commission in July and the composition of the new Commission in september is that we assist to a obvious demonstration of the force of the European institutions.

Against the radical surrounding pessimism, the conformism of the media and of intelectual -that makes it impossible to speak of the EU without including the words crisis, decline, failure, end, collapse, etc, against a defeatist political climate, dominated by nationalists, very poorly contratsted by an European leadership with a shortage of ideas, used and exhausted, a climate that has allowed the very person in charge of the relaunch of the EU to declare “the existential crisis of the EU”; despite this intellectual climate “spenglerien” that does not allow the publication of books that dont announce in their titles the upcoming death of the Union -the institutions have shown their vitality, like a comeback of the film “The Revenant”

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