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Les Journées de Formation IEE

Tous les mois, l'IEE organise des Journées de Formation destinées à toute personne désireuse de se former sur un aspect de l'intégration européenne. La thématique de ces sessions de haute qualité varie selon l'intervenant sollicité. Retrouvez ici toutes les interventions passées et à venir de nos experts.



Paulo Rocha Trindade

Policy Officer
European Committee of the Regions

  "It is not possible today for an executive to live apart from the University.
Knowledge is evolving everyday and has to be continuosly  updated.
IEE Launched a very timely and opportune initiative: The Training Days that I attended.
I enriched myself a lot and benefited for my daily work.
I strongly advise and encourage You to joint this programme!"


Concha Lozano

Journalist and Associated Researcher at the IEE


“This kind of course is conceived as an intensive workshop were all students can identify their learning priorities.
In our IEE Training days we try to understand the journalist’s approach and how to build a message that gets across clearly.
For me it is important to transmit to participants how, by acquiring media literacy skills, they can develop critical
thinking and recognise the media makers’ intent, bias, and to identify fake information.  
For me is a special privilege to share with them my experience as a journalist and press officer” 

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Juin 2017

Diplomatie publique européenne et l’avenir de l’Union, Par Xavier Carpentier-Tanguy


Mars 2017

"Reporting on Europe: an approach to media literacy" par Concha Lozano

Décembre 2016

"Engage with EU stakeholders" par Dr Dan Luca