Institut d'etudes Européennes
De l'Université libre de Bruxelles

Forum EU-Japan 2016

Palais Egmont
place du Petit Sabon
1000 Bruxelles



A new platform as the next stage in a 2 decades old
Euro-Japanese scientific dialogue

Building on the organizers 18 years of experience in hosting EUJapan
conferences in Brussels, and seizing upon the unique opportunity
of the 150th anniversary of Belgo-Japanese relations; it was
decided to launch said forum as a new research and cooperation
platform linking Japan, and the EU.

As a result, the EU-Japan Forum is to be convened on October 24th
and 25th 2016 at the Egmot Palace in Brussels with an eye on offering
a new, richer and deeper dialogue involving over a dozen
academics visiting from Japan as well as an equivalent number of
European counter-parts. The forum’s original two-day set-up foresees
a series of high-level meetings built around original scientific
contributions from both Japanese and European scholars. Each
day will see both a series of smaller topical roundtables centred
on expert discussions, as well as larger public panel discussions.


An Interdisciplinary agenda seeking to build
Euro-Japanese Expert Community

The EU-Japan forum seeks to bring together in Brussels, at the heart
of European decision-making, a wide cross-section of leading
European and Japanese scholars from a broad range of scientific
fields, ranging from science & technology (S&T) to social sciences
and humanities (SSH).

The forum’s overall coherence, potential impact and resulting innovation
opportunities are a product of both the gathering’s original
set-up and the active role its organisers already play in the
EU-Japan scientific dialogue. Moreover, the timing of the forum
coincides with the ongoing Free Trade Agreement/Strategic Partnership
Agreement (FTA/SPA) negotiations between Tokyo and
Brussels. As such, the forum is set to be convened at a time of
fundamental change and maximal visibility for the EU-Japan relationship
as new opportunities born from the above referenced
agreements come into focus.

With an eye on inclusiveness, and intersectoriality the forum will
bring together a Cross-section of fields involved in Euro-Japanese
cooperation. The spread of subjects broached are at the forefront
of both the scientific and policy discussions currently linking Brussels
and Tokyo including:

> Legal Cooperation & Dialogue
> Creative Industries
> Science & Technology
> Traditional Values & Popular Culture
> Planning & Regulation

This event was organized with the support of

Waseda University

Université Libre de Bruxelles / Institut d’études européennes

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

European Institut for Asian Studies

EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation