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Creeping authoritarianism through democratization: exploring a paradox in the operationalization of international democracy promotion. Lessons from Burundi

IEE, Kant room



12/01/2016 // 12h00-14h00


Séminaire doctoral REPI

Intervenant: Isaline BERGAMASCHI

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Challenging a literature often claiming the lack or weak appropriation of a democratic machinery and rule of law, this communication will argue that some governments of Sub-Saharan post-conflict States are, on the contrary, widely appropriating the codes, instruments and language of international democratization processes. Nevertheless, these are subverted to increase the government's power, weaken its critics (local and international) and build a regime closer to authoritarianism. Within a theoretical framework of international political sociology and with the help of concepts such as subjectivation (Foucault) and polemology of the weak (De Certeau), this research will explore the dynamics of the localization of international norms in conflict and post-conflict settings. The case of Burundi will be specifically analysed, with developments in three areas of democratization: transitional justice, party system and civil society.