Institut d'etudes Européennes
De l'Université libre de Bruxelles


Professor Nico Schrijver, IEE-ULB/Leiden University


Learning Objectives :

To review the evolution of EU development cooperation policy and to acquire the knowledge and skills to participate in a well-informed discussion on the ins and outs and pros and cons of European development policy as well as the relationship between Europe and the developing world.


Learning Outcomes :  

I Introduction: European development co-operation in a historical and global perspective;

II. EU and co-operation with various regions in the developing world;

III. Areas and instruments of co-operation of the EC with developing States (aid, trade, investment, human rights, good governance, environmental protection); and IV. The European Union and North-South co-operation: prospects for the future.

Methods of teaching : - lectures, class discussion, writing of an essay and receiving feedback on this


Course requirements and grading : 

Participation in class, writing of an essay of approx. 3500-4000 words on a selected topic within the context of the course


Academic Integrity :

Students are expected to abide by all MEUS academic rules. In particular, any evidence of plagiarism or cheating will be sanctioned by a 0/20 at the exam.