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News 2016

Carte blanche à Ramona Coman, Directrice de l'IEE : "Safeguarding EU’s values at the supranational level. Towards increased cooperation with the Council of Europe "


Over the past few decades, EU institutional actors have had to deal with a series of situations which made headlines for their potential to undermine both the quality of democracy within the European Union (EU) and European values. In 2011, the European Commission conducted an inquiry into the reforms adopted by the Hungarian government led by Viktor Orbán. A similar process was initiated in 2015 in relation to the judicial reforms launched by the Law and Justice government in Poland.

Ramona Coman writes about the constitutionalisation of European values and recent debates about how to safeguard them at the EU level. Does the EU have the authority to protect these values? Is Article 7 an appropriate mechanism, given that it provides for the insulation of one Member State from the rest of the Union, rather than for a solution to prevent a breach of common values? What are the new mechanisms and tools established in order to safeguard the EU’s values at the supranational level?