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The IEE-ULB proposed developing ULB-EU, the publications platform on the ULB’s European issues, on the basis of a simple observation. European issues are undeniably of academic and university interest on the one hand and of interest for interested actors outside the world of higher education on the other.

The publications platform on the ULB’s European issues

The ULB as a whole, its Institut d'Etudes Européennes and the faculty partners of the latter (Philosophy and Social Sciences; Law and Criminology and Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management) produce a large number of high quality publications on European issues.

The publications can be directly scientific in nature (books, chapters, articles, monographs etc.) or indirectly scientific (policy papers and audiovisual products deriving from research into European issues at the ULB).

The development (ongoing) by the IEE-ULB of the ULB-EU website departs from the principle that it is necessary to offer a structured platform to give access to these publications based on the expectations of their different target audiences. Visit the ULB-EU website (under construction)


The IEE-ULB series

As a reference point in the area of research into European studies, the IEE-ULB manages three series of publications of its own:

1 The ‘Collection: European Studies’ series published by the ULB

Established in 1968 by Professor Jean Victor Louis, this collection publishes works of legal and political sciences on themes related to European integration. With more than 80 volumes published to date, it is aimed at anyone interested in European issues. Find out more. Find out more.

2 The ‘Globalisation, Europe, Multilateralism’ series published by ROUTLEDGE

Launched in 2013 by Professors Mario Telo' and M. Frederik Ponjaert, this series includes books, monographs and manuals designed to contribute to scientific innovation in the areas of European and international studies. With ten volumes published during the first two years of its existence, this series quickly positioned itself as a reference both for research actors and for teaching actors. Find out more.

3 The ‘J. Mégret commentaries’ series published by the ULB

Established in the 1970s by Professor Jacques Mégret, this series provides systematic commentaries on articles of the European Treaties. With more than 30 volumes already published, it serves as a point of reference in the area of European law. Find out more.