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News 2017

Focus on Mario Telò


The President emeritus of the IEE and Director of the GEM doctoral school considers that Emmanuel Macron's victory at the presidential election in France is not only a relief for all Europeans for the avoided catastrophy (Presidente Le Pen), but also a rational sign of hope that France can recover its role as dynamic factor for integration, like during the times of Jacques Delors and François Mitterrand. 

EU-Turkey relations in the aftermath of Turkey's constitutional referendum


Focus on Seda Gurkan. Member of CEVIPOL (Centre d’étude de la Vie Politique)and the Institute for European Studies at the ULB, analyses why Turkish presidential system is likely to induce far-reaching changes in EU-Turkey relations, and questions whether the regime change in Turkey has the potential to put an end to Turkey's EU journey.

Research internship at the Institute for European Studies at ULB (April-September 2017)


The Institute for European Studies at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (IEE-ULB) is looking for an intern to conduct a study of the careers in European affairs under the supervision of Ramona Coman and Anne Weyembergh.

He or she will have to collect date according to a pre-established methodology and analize the results in a report of around 30 pages.

The intern will benefit from some training days to allow him/her to become familiar with data collection and analysis.