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The European Commissioner Laszlo Andor joins the academic staff of the IEE-ULB

Great news for the academic and educational excellence at the IEE-ULB!

The IEE-ULB is pleased to welcome Mr. Laszlo Andor, former European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion within the Barroso II Commission (2010-2014).

Laszlo Andor integrates the academic staff of the IEE-ULB, where he will deliver, during this academic year, both his experience and in depth knowledge of the European economy to the students of the Institute, within the EU Economic Policies ECON-O-505 course.

The course will be subtitled "Europe Transformed - Political economy of the EU Integration".

This is a course that intends to analyze in context of two historical projects (creation of the single market and the single currency, on the one hand and on the other hand enlargement), the causes and consequences of recession of the crisis of the Eurozone.

IEE-ULB welcomes this collaboration and is certain that students will reap the greatest benefits in terms of excellence of the education provided by the highest practitioners of the European affairs!

For more information about Mr. Laszlo Andor, please click on this link.