Institut d'etudes Européennes
De l'Université libre de Bruxelles

EU Project Management - 3 ECTS

M. Kader Chérigui (Transtec, Director - International Cooperation & Partnerships for Development) 


Learning Objectives :

How the EU finance, formulate, implement and evaluate the European international Development and Cooperation policy A focus on specific tools and sectors will be developed

Learning Outcomes :

Students are knowledgeable on the various steps of the Project Cycle Management through six learning units (policy/planning, procurement, implementation, evaluation; with a specific focus on EU support to electoral processes and framework contracts) through a dual theoretical and empirical approach, and focusing mainly on the EU as a key funding source of development projects.

Methods of teaching :

Each Unit will be approached under a theoretical angle followed in a second step by an exchange, debate, Q&A through concrete examples.

Course requirements and grading :

For the final assessment, each Student will first be invited to propose a shortlist of his/her perceived positive and negative aspects of the contents developed in one of the Learning Units at his/her choice (8-10 aspects maximum, one line per aspect).This list will be commented and validated by the Teacher; the Student will then be requested to undertake some additional research on the topics of the unit and to develop these aspects in about 2,000 words, including the presentation of his/her own criteria for his/her positive or negative perception of each aspect (if applicable, this perception can evolve after the research, from the perception outlined in the initial shortlist of aspects). The student will be graded based on his/her good understanding of the contents of the unit, and on the quality of the support presented for his/her final positive and negative perceptions.

Academic Integrity:

Students are expected to abide by all MEUS academic rules. In particular, any evidence of plagiarism or cheating will be sanctioned by a 0/20 at the exam.