Institut d'etudes Européennes
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We encourage our students to do an internship in the framework of our Master’s programmes in European Studies. The aim is to gain practical experience in a European environment and to put the students’ theoretical knowledge into practice. 

Students have been carefully selected for their admission to the Institute. Their study programme attaches great importance to the development of the students’ autonomy and learning through practical experience. Our students are used to a multi-cultural environment and to adapting themselves to different professional demands. They present therefore the qualities that are necessary to fit in your institution and to comply with your professional expectations. 

The Institute for European Studies of the ULB is widely recognized since fifty years for its expertise in European Studies and for the excellence of its international faculty which consists of academics and practitioners. The Institute attaches great importance to the dialogue with the professional world and commits itself to responding to the evolving demands of the job market.  

We would be glad to collaborate with you if you could offer an internship that would allow one or several of our students making a progress in their careers and accepting responsibilities. In order to do so, you just would have to fill this form. 

We thank you for your kind attention and we are at your disposal for any further inquiries.

The Institute for European Studies

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Under the rules in use at the ULB, the internship program is not normally paid. In case of paid internship, it must legally be an employment contract.




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