Institut d'etudes Européennes
De l'Université libre de Bruxelles

Conference: The State of the EU 60 years after the Treaty of Rome: challenges and opportunities

Salle Kant
Avenue F. D. Roosevelt 39
1050 Brussels

The Institute for European Studies of the Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB) and the National Distance Education University (UNED) organize, on November 7th and 8th, 2017 in Brussels, the international conference “The State of the EU 60 years after the Treaty of Rome: challenges and opportunities”

The conference will bring together students from our universities and academics for an exchange of views with experts, political actors and EU officials. During the event a series of timely and topical issues including models of EU integration after Brexit, the rule of law crises and their challenges, the Eurozone governance as well as security issues in the JHA area and enhanced cooperation will be discussed. 

Conference Programme

Tuesday, 7th November

8:30-9:00  Welcome students- Video message Mr. Miguel Arias Cañete, EU Commissioner on Climate Action and Energy.

9:00-11:00   PANEL 1Main challenges for the future of the AFSJ(IEE-ULB)

Chair: Prof. Ramona Coman (Political Science, Director of the IEE- ULB)

-         Prof. Julien Jeandesboz (Political Science, IEE-ULB)

-         Prof. Anne Weyembergh (European Law, President of the IEE-ULB)

11:00-11:30 Coffee break

11:30-12:30   PANEL 2: Governance of the Eurozone (IEE-ULB)

Chair: Prof. Ramona Coman (Political Science, Director of IEE- ULB)

-         Prof. Mario Telo (EU Studies, International Relations, former President of the IEE-ULB)

-         Prof.  Amandine Crespy (Political Science, IEE-ULB) and Pierre Vanheunerzijn (Teaching assistant – IEE-ULB)

13:00    Concluding remarks  

-         Mr. Diego Canga Fano, Head of Unit European Parliament President’s office.

Wednesday 8th November


9:30-10:30 PANEL 3Enhanced cooperation (IEE-ULB)

Chair: Prof. Anne Weyembergh (European Law, President of the IEE-ULB)

-         Mr. Félix Fernández-Shaw (European External Action Service, Member of Federica Moguerini’s Office)

-         Prof. Bruno Van Pottelsberghe (Economics, Solvay-ULB)

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break

11:00-12:00 PANEL 4Rule of law (UNED)

Chair: PhD. Maria Casado García-Hirschfeld. Director UNED Bruselas

-         Prof. Cristina Elías (Constitutional Law Department UNED)

European Institutions during the Economic Crisis and Rule of Law

-         Prof. Joaquín Sarrión (Constitutional Law Department UNED)

EU Fundamental Rights Protection and the Rule of Law

-         Prof. Martín Martínez Navarro. Référendaire, General Court of the EU.

12:00-13:00 BREXIT

Chair: PhD. Yolanda Gómez Sánchez (Catedrática de Derecho Constitucional y Catedrática Jean Monnet de la UE)

-         Prof. Fernando Val-Garijo (International Law Department)

Implications of Brexit for the Protection of Human Right

-         Mr. Antonio Fernández-Martos Member of the European Commission Brexit, negotiation Team. (TBC

-         Prof. José-Luis Calvo (Economic Department. UNED)

EU Financial Assistance. A Comparative Analysis for P.I.G.S

-         Mr. Jaume Duch, General Director at the EP. DG COMM