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Inaugural conference "European Varieties of Capitalism in the Shadow of the Eurozone Crisis" by Vivien Schmidt

Avenue F. D. Roosevelt 42
1050 Brussels



Andrea Rea, Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences,
Michèle Galand, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences,
Ramona Coman,Director of the Institute for European Studies,

Have the pleasure of inviting you to a



« European varieties of capitalism in the shadow of the Eurozone crisis »


Is European capitalism converging on a single model, as expected by European monetary and market integration?  Or do national varieties of capitalism continue to diverge, and into how many models:  two, three, four or more?  And what impact has the Euro crisis had on such national varieties?  These questions and more will be explored in a talk that argues that the policy response to the Euro crisis has had a differential impact that has negatively affected some much more than others.  The final question is whether this is due to the greater virtues of some countries and the failures of others, to the characteristics of the particular variety of capitalism, or to the design of the Euro and its policy responses in the sovereign debt crisis.



Vivien Ann SCHMIDT


Professor of the Jean Monnet Chair in European Integration,

Founder and Director of the _Center for the Study of Europe, _

Boston University,


Doctor honoris causa, ULB


The conference will be held on WEDNESDAY, 8 MARCH 2017 AT 6.30 PM

To the Audience Drion - R42.5.503

(ULB, Solbosch campus, Avenue F.D. Roosevelt 42, 1050 Brussels, building R42)


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The Conference is to be followed by a Debate Introduced by:

Amandine CRESPY, Professor in the Department of Political Science, ULB

Nicolas VERSCHUEREN, Professor attached to the Department of History, Arts and Archeology, ULB


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Conference organized by Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences of ULBwith the participation of the Institut for European Studies