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European Criminal Law Academic Network (ECLAN)

The European Criminal Law Academic Network "ECLAN" was created by the Institute for European Studies (IEE) of the ULB in December 2004. It is funded by the European Commission (AGIS Programme) and both the Ministries of Justice in Luxembourg and Belgium. The network is coordinated by Anne Weyembergh and Serge  de Biolley. The network's aim is to facilitate and strengthen research and academic education in the field of European criminal law. It also aims to bring together academics and researchers in the field to facilitate collaborations and synergies between universities and research centres.

WhiledDeveloping progressively, ECLAN gathers since November 2006, 32 contact points (27 Member States + Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland) and more than 100 members from several EU Member States. The network has developed a website ( containing, in addition to a directory of network members, relevant information on the area of European criminal law: legislation, publications, academic articles, case law, events .... The network organizes various activities (meeting points of contact, conferences, summer schools ...) and leads, in partnership with other institutions, various projects on the field.

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