Institut d'etudes Européennes
De l'Université libre de Bruxelles


Area 4 : Europe in the world

The IEE-ULB ‘Europe in the World’ crosscutting area of research examines the European Union in terms of global governance; i.e. the interactions between global policy and European policies.

The fourth area of research in brief

This is about IEE-ULB research actors studying the involvement of the EU in global governance through its interactions with other political, legal, economic and social models in international exchanges. This area has two specificities. On the one hand it examines these interactions in different geographic areas (e.g. Russia, Caucasaus, Balkans; Asia; Americas; Mediterranean area; etc.). On the other hand it aims to go deeper into recent themes such as, for example, the production and useage of global public goods or cosmopolitanism and the universality of human rights.


Examples of key related research themes

  • Multilateralism and diplomacy
  • Security and defence
  • Development
  • Euro-Mediterranean Area
  • Trade policy


Affiliated Academics


Pr. COMAN, Ramona

Pr. CONCONI, Paola

Pr. DE WAELE, Jean Michel

Pr. DELCOURT, Barbara

Pr. DIMIER, Véronique

Pr. DONY, Marianne

Pr. FORET, François


Pr. ELLNER, Thierry

Pr. MERLIN, Aude

Pr. OLSSON, Christian

Pr. SFEIR, Jihanne

Pr. TELO, Mario


Pr. WASINSKI, Christophe