Institut d'etudes Européennes
De l'Université libre de Bruxelles


Area 3 : Europe as a community of norms and values

The IEE-ULB’s third crosscutting area of research focusses on cooperation processes, processes of identification and conflict generated by European integration and their role in the legitimization of the EU as a political entity.

The third area of research in brief

Through research on values, public policies, communication as well as attitudes, discourses and strategies of national and supranational political actors, this is about questioning ourselves on key concepts such as sovereignty, democracy or legitimacy that European integration is putting under pressure.

The role that values, ideas and norms play in European policy as issues, resources or obstacles is analysed in different sectors. The promotion and defence of common values are vectors of legitimization of both the EU’s internal and external policies.

These values have many interpretations and are drawn on both by actors that think that the EU contributes to perfecting national democracies as well as those who consider that it is contributing in their dissolution.

Research covers in particular conflicts generated by the failure to respect these values and, more specifically, the failure to respect the state based on the rule of law, by EU member states. Another area of research focuses on religion as a point of crystallization of the interactions between culture and policy at the transnational level.


Examples of key related research themes

  • Europe as a laboratory of managing social, cultural, religious, sexual diversity
  • Fundamental rights and values: what is the European specificity?
  • Which European social model to face up to the challenges of capitalism?
  • The institutionalization of norms, instruments of public policies
  • Mobilisation in the name of values in the multi-level Europe


Affiliated Academics

Pr. BERTRAMS, Kenneth

Pr. BRACK, Nathalie

Pr. BRIBOSIA, Emmanuelle

Pr. COMAN, Ramona

Pr. CRESPY, Amandine

Pr. DE WAELE, Jean Michel

Pr. DELCOURT, Barbara

Pr. DELWIT, Pascal

Pr. FORET, François

Pr. LACROIX, Justine


Pr. RORIVE, Isabelle