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Emmanuelle Bribosia

Emmanuelle Bribosia holds a Law degree (Licence, 1994 – La Plus Grande Distinction) and a PhD in Law (2000, La Plus Grande Distinction – Alice Seghers Price) of the ULB.She is a full-time professor teaching EU Law and Human Rights Law at the ULB (Institute for European Studies - Faculty of Law). She coordinates the Advanced Master in European Law (Master complémentaire en droit européen) and is the head of the Legal Department of the Institute for European Studies.

I-Research activities

Her research activities focus on the International and European Human rights protection as well as on the right to equality and non-discrimination, with an emphasis on the interdisciplinary approach of these research topics. Integrated in several networks of excellence, Emmanuelle Bribosia conducts a lot of her research activity in the framework of international projects, namely:  

  • JURISTRAS: The Strasbourg Court, Democracy and the Human Rights of Individuals and Communities: Patterns of Litigation, State Implementation and Domestic Reform (EU, FP6, 2006-2009,
  • The Foreigner and the ‘Other’ in the Process of Changing Rules and Identities in Europe (Action de Recherche Concertée, MAM Center, 2006-2011).
  • MEDIADEM: European Media Policies Revisited: Valuing and Reclaiming Free and Independent Media in Contemporary Democratic Systems (EU, FP7, 2010-2013,
  • The Global Challenge of Human Rights Integration: Towards a User’s Perspective (Pôle d’Attraction Interuniversitaire, 2012-2017).
  • Under the sign of Merit and Cultural Conformity. New integration policies for Migrants in Europe (Action de Recherche Concertée, MAM Center, 2012-2017).

Emmanuelle Bribosia is also member of the European Network of Legal Experts in the Non-discrimination Field ( and of the Berkeley Comparative Anti-Discrimination Law Study Group (

Lastly, she is a member of the editorial board of several International Journals (Cahiers de droit européen, Journal européen des droits de l’homme, Revue belge de droit international).

II-Teaching activities

Professor at the ULB, she is in charge of the following courses taught in the Advanced master of European Law, in the Master of Law or in the Advanced Master of International Law: « Introduction au droit européen » (“Introduction to European Law”), « Protection internationale et européenne des droits et libertés » (“International and European protection of rights and liberties”), «Union européenne et droits fondamentaux» (“European Union and Fundamental rights”) – Part I and II and «Approche juridique des discriminations» (“Legal Approaches of discriminations”; co-holder of the course : Isabelle Rorive). Moreover, she is the President of the Advanced master of European Law teaching board and President of the teaching coordination in European Law. She is frequently invited to give lectures in other Belgian Universities (e.g. Liège University) and abroad (e.g. Bologne University, European Law Academy of Trier, Montréal University, UQAM, University of California – Berkeley) and in other public institutions (Haute autorité de lutte contre les discriminations, Défenseur des droits – French ombudsman).

III-Main publications

Emmanuelle Bribosia has published seven books, edited in collaboration, whose most recent are: L’Europe des Cours. Loyautés et résistances, E. Bribosia, L. Scheeck and A. Ubeda de Torres (Eds.), Brussels, Bruylant, Collection « Penser le Droit », 2010, 332  pages ; Commentaire de la Constitution de l’Union européenne, E. Bribosia and M. Dony (Eds.), Brussels, Editions de l’Université de Bruxelles, 2005, 451 pages and Emmanuelle Bribosia and Ludovic Hennebel (Eds.), Classer les droits de l’homme, Brussels, Bruylant, Collection « Penser le droit », 2004, 397 pages. She has also authored, whether alone or with others, numerous scientific contributions published in diverse Journals with reading committee (inter alia Maastricht journal of European and Comparative Law, Revue trimestrielle des droits de l’homme, Revue trimestrielle de droit européen, Journal des tribunaux, Journal de droit européen, etc.) or in collective books. She has also published many research reports in the framework of the European Network of Legal Experts in the Antidiscrimination Field, particularly Towards a balance between right to equality and fundamental rights - A la recherche d’un équilibre entre le droit à l’égalité et d’autres droits fondamentaux (with I. Rorive), 2010, 72 p. (


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