Institut d'etudes Européennes
De l'Université libre de Bruxelles


Governance and administration

To better understand the IEE, you can find here a list of the IEE staff and their contact details as well as the description of the IEE governing bodies.



+32(0) 650 30 72 

  • Implementation of the Board’s decisions
  • Internal and external representation
  • Administrative and financial management



Ramona Coman

+32(0) 650 37 19

  • Teaching/research coordination
  • Definition of a communication strategy
  • Relations with the Alumni


Valuing research

Logistician for research

Johan Robberecht

+32(0) 650 33 85

  • Supervision of managers of interdisciplinary projects
  • Extracting value from the research activities
  • Setting up interdisciplinary research projects 



Administrative staff

Executive manager and public relations

Maria-Isabel Soldevila

+32(0) 650 49 69

  • Communication and Public Relations
  • Operational responsibility for staff
  • Support for the Board and interfaculty relations
  • Administrative coordination for the ENLIGHTEN project
  • Support for the Alumni Network and For Career Development


Secretariat of the president

Dominique Dembour

+32(0) 650 42 16

  • Secretariat of the president 
  • Secretariat of general affairs
  • General accounting 


Student secretariat

Françoise Van Den Broeck

+32(0) 650 30 93

  • Advanced Masters in European law and in the interdisciplinary analysis of European integration
  • Centre of European law


Logistics coordination for interdisciplinary research

Michela Arcarese

+32(0) 650 32 99

  • MEUS (Executive Masters in European Studies) administrative assistance
  • Accounting for interdisciplinary research contracts
  • Contact with the infrastructure
  • Office management


System support and infography

Mathieu Bogaerts

+32(0) 650 40 52

  • IT systems
  • Information graphics
  • Monitoring new technologies


Administrative and logistical support for EU projects

Pierre Vierezet

+32(0) 650 33 74

  • Preparation/coordination of events for the ENLIGHTEN and GEM projects
  • Support for GEM researchers 
  • MEUS and executive education coordination
  • Support to ULB Waseda office


Responsable administrative ODYSSEUS

Nicole Bosmans

+32(0) 650 49 96

  • Administrative management of the Odysseus Academic Network
  • Contact person for the Network 



Project manager GEM-STONES

Ulla Härmälä

  • GEM-STONES project management

The decision-making bodies of the IEE

The Board of the IEE

The Board of the IEE is made up of the President, Director, Heads of Faculties of the three partner faculties, some member of the academic staff, representatives of the scientific staff, a representative of staff directly attached to the IEE, a representative of the students of the Advanced Masters in the interdisciplinary analysis of European integration, academic coordinators from the programmes in executive education/lifelong learning and an administrator of the management as secretary of the Board.

The Board of the IEE's mission is to follow general affairs (external relations, interfaculty cooperation, coordination of activities etc.), teaching (teaching method coordination, opinion on promotions etc.), to define the internal rules and to set up permanent committees (teaching assessment) or temporary ones.

It also meets once per year in a larger format (with external guests) in the form of a strategic Board with personalities who have worked in European affairs and who support interdisciplinary teaching and research in European studies.


The Research Committee

The Research Committee is made up of the President, the Director, members of the academic and scientific staff of the ULB involved in research projects managed by the IEE, researchers (belonging both to the academic and scientific staff of the ULB) affiliated according to a specific procedure and the IEE’s logistics coordinator.

The Research Committee’s mission is to present to the Board of the IEE general scientific policy orientations to draw up an interdisciplinary research agenda, to encourage the emergence of new interdisciplinary projects and to coordinate the management of research in European studies at the ULB.

The Research Committee is convened at least twice per year and reports its activities to the Board of the IEE during the latter’s last session of the academic year.


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